Personal styling and Colour analysis

OK, so this is a bit of a leftfield post to write but as style conscious cyclists this is important.

After years of thinking about it, Mrs Digital Cyclist has set up a colour analysis and body composition company to follow her passion project – to help women in Sheffield find their confidence and personal style… in her own words:

Empowering women to find their perfect colours and personal style through friendly, guided, consultations and sustainable shopping tips.

What’s this got to do with me – well she ran the colour analysis on me as a test and it’s amazing to see how some colours light up your face, and others drain them. Going through this process has quickly helped me see which colours do and don’t work, so I can ditch the ones that don’t work and build a wardrobe around ones that work well together and on me. Win. As an added bonus this means it gives me a chance to boost my cycling wardrobe with some replacement garments.

So if you (or a loved one) want help to understand your best colours and your own body shape and style personality to guide you through whatever life throws at you, get in contact with Cari Kirby – Personal styling and colour analysis.