Best Cycling Cafes in the Peak District

Best Cycling Cafes in the Peak District

Finding a good cycling cafe to stop and refuel is an issue that is close to the heart of any cyclist.

Thankfully (almost) gone are the days where the coffee is like dishwater and the cakes are of the Mr Kipling variety. In the Peak District we have a great selection of cafes and local eateries to stop, take a break, and recharge yourself during a day in the saddle around the Peak District.

Below you will find a list of some of my go to Cafes around the Peaks, at some point I’ll start making a map of all these so you can see them a little easier.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive and I will be adding to it over time, and maybe even stretching out to a review or a picture as I get to them all.

If you can think of any more please let me know, and I’ll happily add…


I’ve finally got around to adding all these and other great Cafes into a map, check it out here


Best Cycling Cafes in the Peak District

Hope – Hope Valley, Derbyshire

Grasshopper Cafe – just past the turning to Edale and before the petrol station on the road to Castleton this lovely little cafe brews delicious freshly ground coffee, cakes and does a fantastic avocado, chorizo and egg on toast! It has bike racks behind the cafe to stow your ride while you grab some food. This is probably my favourite cafe in the peaks. The only downside is it’s only little, so can get busy on a weekend.

Courtyard Cafe – only a couple of doors down from the Grasshopper this lovely cafe is tucked away with a nice courtyard to hide the bikes while you warm the cockles. Flapjack and Teacakes are a favourite here for me.


High Nellys – Just on the main road on your right as you cycle into Tideswell from the A623 this cracking cafe serves lovely coffee and has a great selection of cakes. I’ve not tried the breakfasts yet but they look amazing and even better as they are served with a Derbyshire oatcake 🙂 The only downside is that there are no bike racks so you either have to leave the bike down the side of the cafe or resting out front.

UPDATE: I’ve tried the breakfasts – THEY ROCK!

A small selection of the cakes at High Nellys
A small selection of the cakes at High Nellys


Colemans Deli – A staple stop in the peaks for club runs and casual cyclists. Colemans is smack in the heart of Hathersage and serves lovely fresh homemade sandwiches, cakes and a good cuppa to boot.  It’s set back from the road so has seats outside when it’s nice and always has place to pop your bike.

David Mellor – High on the list if you like a bit of classic British design with your coffee. The cafe at David Mellor serves a cracking cup of coffee and I can’t go here without getting a slice of lardy bread 🙂 delicious.

David Mellor Cycle Cafe Hathersage
David Mellor Cafe in Hathersage


The Old Smithy – I always welcome stopping here, usually when we get as far as Monyash we’re on a big day out so food is always welcome. The staff are always welcoming and has a nice array of homemade delicacies. It’s also worth noting that they have a nice open fire to warm your feet on a cold winter day.


Hassop Station Cafe – A firm family favourite, this cycling cafe has excellent scones, cakes and breakfasts. We often stop in here after taking the kids for a spin on the Monsal Trail to Monsal Head and back.



I’ve finally got around to adding all these and other into a map, check it out here


This list is not exhaustive, and I’ll be adding to this over time. So if you think I’ve missed a hidden gem or have any comments drop me a note on twitter!