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Winter Olympics Intel Drone Display

Winter Olympics Intel Drone Display

If you’ve not seen yet, the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics contained an amazing display of over 1200 drones in a synchronised swarm.

Yes, it might have been pre-recorded to ensure that it actually worked for the TV audiences, but I still have to say this is a really exciting and innovative use of drones for an event that normally ends up with just a firework display or a archer shooting an arrow at a torch. I can hear PR execs typing the pitch decks right now to create the next worlds biggest drone swarm for their client product launch.

I’d be interested in knowing how closely aligned the technology used by intel for this drone swarm is with the amazing drone systems built and run by the CIA as outlined by Will Roper in this interesting talk I attended last year at SxSW.

Anyway, well done intel. Cracking bit of innovative tech, bravo.