Roper Hill – Sheffield / Peak District UK

Roper Hill – Sheffield / Peak District UK

Roper Hill on the outskirts of Fullwood in Sheffield is the last hill on my regular commute home. This climb is always challenging but thankfully short. The climb offers great views over Sheffield and into the Peak District.


  • Distance: 0.4 km
  • Elev gain: 40m
  • Starting Elevation: 327m
  • Final Elevation: 366m
  • Avg Grade: 10.4%
  • Max Grade: 12.1%


The Climb

Raw elevation of Roper Hill
The Raw Elevation of Roper Hill

Roper Hill is a classic favourite to ride on my way home after work. You’ve ridden through the city and up through the Mayfield Valley offering some of my favourite views over Sheffield. This last climb up and onto the moors signifies the last of any climbing (if i’m going home) or the entrance to the Peak District if heading further afield.

From the top of the hill you ride another 3km past the Alpaca farm to the junction of Ringinglow Road next to the Norfolk Arms pub. Turn right to head up to Stanage Edge and the top hills of the Peak District, or left to head back towards Bents Green and Sheffield.