MyVelofit – AI powered bike fit – real world review

MyVelofit – AI powered bike fit – real world review

I’ve been an active cyclist for over 10 years now but never quite got around to heading to a specialist for a bike fit. If I’m honest, £200 to get someone to measure me always felt like a bit of a luxury that I didn’t need to spend my money on.

So because of that I’ve always set myself up using free video guides and online resources and over the past 10 years this has served me well. Very seldom that I’ve had pain or issues with my position.

However, since getting the winter bike out of the shed, I’ve been suffering from tight hips and wondered if I needed to re-look at my fit on this bike.

While looking at fit calculators I stumbled across MyVeloFit, their marketing blurb states:

Professional Quality Bike Fit in the comfort of your own home.

We’ve packaged over a decade of professional bike fit knowledge and experience into a tool that provides recommendations consistent with some of the top bike fitters in the world. Our system lets you refine your position on any bike from wherever you are, without having to book costly appointments or travel for a fit.

So for the sake of £29 ($35 USD) I decided to take a punt and give it a go.

This gives me 2 weeks access with one bike. There is a free option but the results are vague and in my opinion not worth much. It’s worth noting you can also upgrade for $75 for a year’s full access.

MyVeloFit Pricing as of January 2023

The process of getting the fit analysis is really quite straightforward, just warm up on the bike then get someone (thanks to my wife) to film you pedalling for 10-20 seconds from the side. You simply upload the video and the magic happens!

The MyVeloFit system computes a thorough assessment of your body and riding position. This includes measurements of your body, such as your inseam, arm length, as well as a detailed analysis of your riding position, including your posture and pedal stroke.

Next, the MyVeloFit system uses motion capture technology to track your movements while you ride on a trainer. This allows the system to analyze your pedalling dynamics and identify any areas of inefficiency or discomfort.

Based on this information, the MyVeloFit system generates a customized fit report that includes recommendations for adjustments to your bike’s seat height, handlebar position, and seat fore-aft placement. These adjustments can help to improve your power output, reduce your risk of injury, and increase your overall comfort while riding.

This all comes together in a handy and simple to understand bike fit analysis (example from their website shown below):

Example of the analysis from MyVeloFit

The bike fit results

So was my historic home-fit terrible, no. But, this did ask me to make a few little tweaks; raising the saddle height and dropping the stem slightly.

Helpfully this is all put together in simple results showing the expected ranges and areas to address.

I’ve now made the recommended changes and from my initial test (a 70min threshold Zwift session) it seems good, but I’m reserving judgement until I’ve ridden in this for a few more rides. I’ll update this post when the full results are in.

In summary

Was this useful, yes. This certainly gives a much more accurate feedback than me fumbling through a YouTube video trying to work it out for myself. I’m reserving judgement on the final fit as I need to live with it for a week or so to feel any difference, but immediately he results feel good.

Will it totally replace face to face bike fits, no. Especially if riders have any specific needs or injuries to factor for I can see this hitting limitations quite quickly. However for riders like me who want a second opinion, or to get them in the right ballpark on a new bike this is a fantastic tool at a good price point.