Best presents for the cyclist in your life

Best presents for the cyclist in your life

If you are looking for a great present for the cyclist in your life I’ve collated a list of some of my favourite cycling related goodies.

People who know me, please feel free to purchase any of these for Birthdays or Christmas 😉

I hope this list might help you if you have a cycling husband, boyfriend or friend you in to get a good present for.


This is always a tricky one for cyclists, unless you know what they already have or a good understanding of their preferences you can easily get something that’s not quite right or they already have. However, these are some things every cyclist should have or would enjoy at various price points.

Sportwool Jerseys

Sportwool, a blend of merino and polyester offers the perfect mix of warmth from the wool with the added durability and stretch from the polyester. I have the long sleeve Torm jersey and it’s perfect for Spring or Autumn riding. Depending on your budget and design preference you can get these from a number of manufacturers, my favourite include: Torm, Rapha with their Brevet range, and Pedaled with the essential and Kaido range.


Cycling Caps present ideas from Prendas
Cycling Cap present ideas from Prendas Cyclismo

I’m a bit of a sucker for caps, in summer these stop me from burning my head and keeps the sweat from getting in my eyes. In autumn and spring it keeps the chill off my head. All in all I’m never far from a cap while riding my bike. These essential pieces of kit come in all sorts of designs you’ll be sure to find a design that works for your intended recipient. These also have the added bonus of being cheap so won’t break the bank when buying them as a present or stocking filler.

I would also recommend the Rapha merino cap, perfect for winter rides when a cotton cap is not warm enough with the added bonus of ear warmers to keep the cold wind off.

My favourite shops to look for caps include: Condor, Rapha & Prendas.

Neck Warmers / Buffs

This essential piece of kit can be as simple as a £2.99 Decathlon special through to a luxurious merino wool version. The more the merrier so I’m always happy to get one of these!

Jerseys & Jackets

Gore C5
Gore C5

If you’ve got a bit more cash to splash on a piece of essential kit, buying a jacket is always a great option. I’m a massive believer in buying the best you can afford. I’m yet to come across a cycle jacket where the price had not reflected in the quality.

A couple of essential (in my mind) jerseys and jackets are the Castelli Perfetto (a long sleeve Gabba) jersey with Goretex and windstopper to keep out rain and wind, and the Gore Shakedry jacket to keep out rainstorms if you are caught out in a really packable jacket.

As I said at the start of this post, it’s worth speaking to the recipient if you’re going to spend money on this sort of thing.  It’s easy to get it wrong and when you are spending north of £100 you want to make sure that it’s a piece of kit they are going to use. Also, it’s worth noting that shops like Evans and Wiggle often have the items listed on sale so you can grab yourself a bargain.


Always a good option for the cyclist in your life is a nice accessory that they might not purchase for themselves. Here are a list of a few things that I like:

Bellroy all weather phone wallet –
Bellroy all weather wallet the best cycling present
I was given this as a present 2 years ago and I love it. At £89 it’s not cheap, and it’s unlikely I would have purchased this for myself. This beautiful piece of kit is great and I never leave the house on the bike without it. 2 years in and a lot of use it’s still looks and feels as good as new.

Camelbak water bidons are a firm favourite and I’d always be happy with more! They also come as an insulated version for hot or cold days. If you want something a little more trendy Rapha do a branded version of these.

Mamnick is a small Sheffield cycling brand who’s ethos is to do ur ethos is very straightforward – “Do one thing at a time, as beautifully as possible”.

Cycling Books

If you can’t be on your bike you may as well read about being on your bike! Here are a couple of books I’ve enjoyed in the past year or so:

David Millar. I’ve read both his books Racing through the Dark and The Racer. He’s an eloquent writer and both books give an interesting glimpse into of his time in the Peloton.

Tyler Hamilton The Secret Race. This fascinating read covers the explosive story of doping in the era of Lance.

Chris Boardman Triumphs and Turbulence is a cracking read all about Chris’s life in the velodrome, wind tunnel and peloton.

Lost Lanes Wales, will take you on a meandering tour of the most beautiful and hidden destinations in Wales.


You can support one of the best cycling podcasts around and access exclusive content all for the small sum of £15 to become a friend. A perfect little stocking filler or present. 

As the saying goes, if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen! Give the gift of Strava Summit

Keep training through the winter with the indoor training system Zwift

Art & Homeware


I’m a big fan of the Handmade cyclist prints. These are a lovely take on the grand tours and classic races. They also do a lovely range of ceramic mugs with classic cycling quotes.


Yes it’s a cliché but I’m jet to meet a cyclist who does not love coffee. So if in doubt grab them something where they can make themselves a cracking cup of coffee. Here are some of my fave coffee related products I’m sure most people would enjoy:

Aeropress – to make the best cup of coffee going, I use mine multiple times daily and makes a better brew than coffee machines 10x more expensive.

Wilfa svart grinder – a brilliant grinder that looks stylish too.

Freshly roasted coffee beans – Currently I’m loving the Forge Ruskin Beans as they make a great coffee with milk, as an alternative the Square mile beans are always good.


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