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Don’t go into the water….

Don’t go into the water….

Boosting the buzz around this years biggest Summer blockbuster – The Meg, we created a fun piece of experiential tech to put filmgoers into the trailer.

Oh yes, Jason Statham fighting off a 75-foot-long prehistoric shark. What more could you want…

Our brief

Working with the amazing team at Tommy we were asked if we could build an automated system to put filmgoers into the trailer that could be rolled out worldwide.

This consisted of scoping and setting up the specification of a green screen rig. And the associated hardware that could be set up and built anywhere across the globe.

Additionally we developed custom control software that allowed operators to record users  details so the videos could be shared after the experience.

This system automatically processed the raw video files, handled the chroma, and imported them into pre-set trailers and edited on the fly to create a sharable video that was emailed or texted to the user to share on social media.

Test rig in the office
Dummy test rig in the office

The whole system was built so that it can be easily localised for any language without additional programming. Just a simple edit of a json file.

The first iteration of this was rolled out at Comicon London, but I know it’s been used in Buenos Aires already… don’t get into the water!!!

The full rig built and dressed at Comicon London for The Meg
The full rig built and dressed at Comicon London for The Meg


the Meg system dashboard
The Meg system live view of the camera as seen by the operator.

Here’s me in the end output here: